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Sea moss powder/ eucheuma cottonii

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Pure sea moss powder:

- Ingredient: 100 % sea moss

- No additives

- No preservation

- No chemicals


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Sea moss powder has ingredients 100% from dried sea moss which is cleaned up impurity, salt and other strange matter, ....  sea mos powder still has kept on full the nutrients and odour of fresh sea moss.
Sea moss powder is very convenient for everyone. It is used easily to replace dried sea moss.

Description of sea moss powder product:

- Moisture content: 13% max

- Color: light brown

- Size: 100 mesh or according to the customer’s request.

- Packing: 

packing_sea_moss_powder in PE/PP bag


+ 3 oz per zipping lock kraft bag (200 bags per carton box).

+ 8 oz zip lock bag (100 bags per carton box).

+ 25 kilograms per PE bag inside and PP bag outside

+ According to the customer’s request.

***** Some of the nutrients contained in sea moss powder include:

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B12





***** Usage sea moss powder:

Recently, Sea moss powder Being used rather popular in the dishes at home such as vegetables such as salad, cake, healing drinking, juice, ice cream, sweet soup, stews, and baked cake, ...

***** Store conditional for powder sea moss:

Sea moss powder is well maintained at room temperature.

Cool and dry places, away from a humid place.

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