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Phuc Huy Import Export Company Limited was established in Ho Chi Minh City. We are one of the reputed suppliers in Vietnam. Our company has many experiences in handling, distributing, and exporting a lot of agricultural products.  Especially, we are specializing in some dried products from our country such as:

- Seaweed: eucheuma cottonii, sargassum, ulva lactuca, gracilaria, spinosum.

- Spice: ginger, turmeric, chili, shallot, galangal, lemon, etc.

- Fruit: mango, longan, dragon fruit, jackfruit, coconut chips, etc.

Our products have received highly appreciated by domestic customers as well as foreign customers from many countries in the world like the EU, United States, China, Korean, Japan, Southeast Asia, France, Russia, England, etc.


- We have been stable materials from the farms. Hardly, these farms have been the Vietgap or Global Gap certificate.
- The raws are been careful selection 
from the input to final products by rich experienced workers and high responsibility.
- The products are handled best by modern machines.
- The production process bases on the characters of goods. we do not use chemicals, admixtures, artificial colors, etc. The final products are all-natural and good for the health of the clients.

We have advanced quality management systems to control quality products well. The process of production has been innovated continuously to create many suitable value goods to meet customers' high demand. 

The staff is going to train regularly the necessary skills as well as enhance the expertise level to can completely well task and the best support for our customers.


-       High-quality.

-       On-time delivery.

-       Competitive prices.

-       Flexible payment terms.

-       Great customer services.


Phuc Huy Co., Ltd is going on to innovate continuously to create many high-quality products to meet all customer expectationsAnd we will try my best to complete well role be a bridge between Vietnam culture and other countries in the world.

Finally, we warmly greet all domestic and foreign partners to build long-term collaborative relationships and mutual benefits in business cooperation.

Yours Sincerely!

Henny Nguyen.