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Raw sea moss

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- Moisture content: 38% max.

- Impurities: 3% max.

- Packing: 25 kilograms per PE bag inside and PP bag outside, 100 kilograms per PP bale, or according to customer’s requestion.


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- Dried eucheuma cottonii seaweed is also called “gu so”, is a species red algae. It is the main material in carrageenan extraction. Carrageenan has applied rather popular in fields: food processing, industrial manufacturing, medical, etc.
- Eucheuma cottonii is cultivated at the seaside in central Vietnam. It is harvested regularly from December to October of the next year. 
- Yearly, we have reaped about 10,000 tons of fresh eucheuma cottonii seaweed. After handle, We have about 1000 tons of dried eucheuma cottonii, which has achieved high-quality standards.

Description of dried eucheuma cottonii seaweed:

- Moisture content: 38% max

- Impurities: 3% max

- Color: purple

- Quality: no gravel, no nylon cord, no humid, no soil, uniformity color.

- Packing: 

+ 100 kilos per bale

+ 25 kilograms per PE bag inside and PP bag outside.

+ According to the customer’s request.

-  Quantity: 19 tons per 1 container 20 feet.

- Delivery date: within 7 days since we receive your payment.

- Loading Port: Cat Lai Port, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

- Storage: dry place, not humid.

- Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture.

- Capacity: 200 tons/months.

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