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Lime leaf powder / kaffir lime leaf

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Powder lime leaf:

- Moisture: 10% max

- Impurities: None

- Material: 100% fresh lime leaf.

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Lime leaf powder is one of the popular spices of Vietnam because it creases flavour for dishes like soup, curries, salad, biscuits, etc. Aside from being a spice, it also uses an effective cleanser and a natural deodorizer.

In the case, finding fresh lime leaf is very difficult, using powder lime leaf or dried lime leaf to replace the fresh lime leaf is a wonderful selection. Because ingredients are the same, they are only different in form.
Powder lime leaf products also have so many benefits for everyone:  release stress, lose weight, sleep tight, etc.


  1. -The raw materials are new, fresh, green in colour, no pests, no pesticide residue.

  2. - The raw material is cleaned up by freshwater.

  3. - It is dried by a dehydrator machine at a suitable temperature in the time 16 -18 hours.

  4. - Dried is milled to fine lime leaf powder


- Moisture: 10% max

- Impurities: None

- Material: 100% fresh lime leaf.

- Type: powder

- Size: 100 mesh size

- Color: Natural green

- Quality:  export standards.

                No SO2, no CO2,...

                No preservative substance,...

- Shelf life: 18 months from manufacture day.

- Packing : 100 grams/ vacuum bags ( 100 bags/ 10 kgs/carton), 500 grams/ vacuum bags (10 kgs/ carton) or as customer request.

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