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Gracilaria seaweed powder

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Description of gracilaria powder:

- Moisture content: 13% max

- Impurities: 3% max

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Gracilaria seaweed powder product has ingredients 100 % gracilaria. It has many nutrients: protein, carbohydrate, mineral matter, fiber, ash,...
 Gracilaria powder used rather commonly in organic fertilizer production. It can enrich the soil by the additional several micronutrients.
The strong point of gracilaria powder is the best prices, large quantities, stability quality, and easy usage. So It is a fine choice for fertilizer manufacturers.

Description of gracilaria powder:

- Moisture content: 13% max

- Impurities: 3% max

- Color: natural brown

- Size: 100 mesh size, 80 mesh size, or according to requestion’s a customer.

- Processing: cleaning up it and drying naturally under sunlight before it is milled to a fine powder.

- Packing: 25 kg per PP bag or according to customer’s requestion.

- Quantity: 19 ton per 1 container 20 feet.

- Delivery Port: Cat Lai Port, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

- Storage: dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

- Shelflife: 12 months from the date of manufacture.

- Capacity: 100 tons/ months.


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