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Fresh dragon fruit / pitaya

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Dragon fruit also is known as the other name “Pitaya”. They are a citrus fruit, which is growth rather popular in Tien Giang and Binh Thuan, Long An province Vietnam. The dragon fruit has less sugar content than some citrus fruits. They contain many vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, C, etc. and a lot of matter minerals: can xi, iron, phosphor, …

The description of Fresh dragon fruits:

- Product name: Fresh Dragon Fruit/ Pitaya

- Type: white flesh – red skin 

- Taste: like Kiwi fruit.

- Quality standard: clean, free of insect, no pesticide residue.

- Size:

+ Small size: from 300 gram/ fruit to 450 gram/ fruit

+ Big size: from 460gram/ fruit to over 700 gram/fruit.

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