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Dehydrated graviola leaf

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Dehydrated whole Graviola leaf:

  • Colour: dark green.

  • Quality: natural, no preservatives, ... 

  • Process type: AD

  • Shelf life: 12 months 

  • Packing: 0.5 kgs per vacuum bag, 10 kgs per carton box or as the customer's request. 

Tags:herb tea, graviola, soursop,

Graviola leaves for a long time have been famous for useful treatment for conditions such as Cancer and Infections. No one can deny the great uses of Graviola leaves, to say nothing of Pain Reduction and Possible Side Effects. Leaves are oblong to oval, 8 centimetres to 16 centimetres long and 3 centimetres to 7 centimetres wide. Glossy dark green with no hairs above, paler and minutely hairy to no hairs below. Those are harvested and then dried under low temperatures by machine to keep the natural colour of the Leaves.

Benefits of Graviola leaves:

  • Healthy skin.
  • Healthy hair.
  • Treating cancer.
  • Treating gout.
  • Treating blood disorders.
  • Treating hypertension.
  • Lower body temperature.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Treating diabetes.

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