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Centella asiatica

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Commodity name: Powder Centella Asiatica

Moisture: 13% max

Impurity: none

Colour: Natural green

Quality: pure 100%, no chemicals, no preservatives, no additives, 

Packing: 100 grams per bag ( 50 bags per carton), 25 kgs per PE/PP bag. or according to the customer's request.

Usage: healing drinking, beauty, skincare, cooking, ...

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Centella Asiatica as the “herb of longevity,”  is a staple in traditional Chinese, Indonesian, and Ayurvedic medicine. This medicinal plant has the power to boost brainpower, heal skin issues, and promote liver and kidney health.

Centella Asiatica may help improve your overall health and well-being.
1. It may help boost cognitive function
2. It may help treat Alzheimer’s disease
3. It may help reduce anxiety and stress
4. It may act as an antidepressant
5. It may improve circulation and reduce swelling
6. It may help ease insomnia
7. It may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks
8. It may promote wound healing and minimize scarring
9. It may help relieve joint pain
10. It may have a detox effect



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