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Super grade sea moss/ eucheuma cottonii

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- Type: premium grade

- Moisture content: 8% max

- Impurities: 0.1 % max.


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- Sea moss is acknowledged as a food supplement because It provides a lot of natural nutrients for humans: mineral matter, protein, iodine, calcium, zinc, vitamin, and natural collagen.
- Sea moss is completely natural, no admixture, no preservative, no GMO,... 
- When dried sea moss is softened in water, It still holds a sea like odor and the nutritions. Sea moss can also be used directly to making the drinking, vegetables. 
- Sea moss is the major source for carrageenan extraction which has applied rather popularly in processing food, industrial manufacturing.

 * The benefits of sea moss:

- Helps to boots immure function.

- Improves skin, hair, and nail.

- Improves thyroid function.

- Improves mood.

- Reduces mucus congestion.

- Sea moss can be used as a gelatin substitute.

Description of dried sea moss / Irish moss :

- Moisture content: 8% max
- Color: natural white and gold.
- Processing: we are cleaned up it very carefully, it is completely no impurities.
- Quality: no gravel, no nylon cord, no humidity, no soil, uniformity on colour.
- Packing: 
+ 3 oz per zip lock kraft paper (50 bags per carton box).
+ 8oz zip lock bag (50 bags per carton box)
+ 20 kilograms per PE bag inside and PP bag outside, or according to customer’s request.
- Delivery Port: Cat Lai Port, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
- Storage: dry place, not humid.
- Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.
- Capacity: 30 tons/months.

Production process super grade dried sea moss: 

Step 1: Choosing sea moss products to have a highly uniform colour, shape, and quality, so on.

Raw_eucheuma_cottonii_ for _processing

Step 2: Rinsing sea moss with fresh water to altogether remove the salt, other impurities.


Step 3: Drying dried sea moss under the sunshine. Normally, It takes about three days to be the right moisture level for preserving best.


Step 4: Testing the sea moss quality again before packing them into bags.




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